Anita King iHuman Case Study

Anita King iHuman Case: Key Findings

Bilateral Inner Thighs: Raised, 10 x 12 cm rash with redness, bumps, and blisters.

Left Ventral Forearm: 6 cm linear rash with red bumps and yellow-red blisters.

Itching to Tenderness: Rash starts itchy and progresses to being tender.

New Exposures:

Wild Brush Plants

Hot Tub

Oily Suntan Lotion


Case: Key Findings Feedback

Bilateral Inner Thighs: Original rash location crucial for determining its cause (Most Significant Active Problem – MSAP).

Left Ventral Forearm: Secondary rash related to MSAP due to its similar appearance.

Itching Progressing to Tenderness: The itchy nature and progression guide the differential diagnosis (MSAP-related).

New Exposures:

Wild Brush Plants: Historical clue, uncertain correlation with MSAP.

Hot Tub: Possible origin due to bacteria and chemicals, uncertain correlation.

Oily Suntan Lotion: Chemical exposure, uncertain correlation with MSAP.

Scallops: New food exposure, uncertain correlation with MSAP.

Anita King iHuman Case: Problem Statement

A 25-year-old healthy female reports intensely itchy rash on inner thighs and left forearm. Recent exposures: hiking, hot tub use, new lotion, and scallops ingestion. Physical exam shows 6 cm linear rash on left forearm and 10 x 12 cm scattered rash on inner thighs. Vitals and overall exam are unremarkable.

Anita King iHuman Case: Management Plan

Pharmacologic Care:

Clobetasol propionate 0.05% cream twice daily until clear.

Over-the-counter cetirizine 10 mg as needed for itching.

Supportive Care:

Oatmeal baths.

Cool, wet compresses.

Topical calamine lotion or aluminum acetate.

Patient Education:

Explained contact dermatitis, its causes, treatment, and prognosis.

Advised avoiding specific plants and washing items in hot water.


Clinic follow-up if no improvement in 48-72 hours.

Discussed warning signs for immediate clinic or ER visit.

Anita King iHuman – Ensuring patient understanding, comfort, and recovery.

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