Evidence-Based Health Promotion Resources Essay

Evidence-Based Health Promotion Resources Essay

According to Dunphy et al., 2019, all clinicians have related principles to advocate wellness and prevention of disease.

Preventive measures help promote healthcare in individuals, decreasing mortality and morbidity rates. For example,

educating patients on the importance of physical activity, healthy diets, and immunizations are just a few interventions

discussed with patients in preventative care (Dunphy et al., 2019). The National Prevention Strategy (NPS) is a plan that Evidence-Based Health Promotion Resources Essay

guides evidence-based recommendations for better patient health outcomes. The goal of the NPS is to maintain health

while preventing disease processes (Dunphy et al., 2019).

Evidence-based health promotion resources I would incorporate for the patient mentioned above will be guided by the

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, Healthy People 2020, and the National Prevention Strategies’ recommendations in

preventing diseases.



A thorough physical exam and screening will assist in identifying possible modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for

the patient’s continuum of care. For example, blood pressure, cholesterol, colorectal cancer, diabetes, eye exam,

immunizations, lung cancer (if applicable), testicular, and skin are specific screenings and exams I would focus on for this Evidence-Based Health Promotion Resources Essay

patient (U.S. Preventive Services). Discussing the importance of tobacco cessation (if applicable), moderation of alcohol

use, no illegal drug use, healthy diet, physical activity, healthy sexual activity, and stress-reducing lifestyles are crucial.

(Dunphy et al., 2019).

Awareness of patients’ needs is the top priority for successful outcomes. To have successful preventive care for this

patient and others, they must be committed and want to make necessary changes to better their health. Providing the most

accurate and current evidence-based education involving risk factors and positive health outcomes is instrumental.

Forming a trustful partnership with patients is an ideal way to apply them in making informed healthcare decisions (Dunphy

et al., 2019). I would assess this patient’s healthcare literacy level to guide my education delivery. With patients having

access to a wide variety of health information and having many options to pick from in managing their health, compliance to

changed behavior in promoting health has improved over the years (Dunphy et al., 2019). Evidence-Based Health Promotion Resources Essay



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