Impact of Environmental Policy Essay

Impact of Environmental Policy Essay

Environmental policy does not exist in a vacuum and often comes into conflict with other international policies, such as energy policies, and other political issues.

For this assignment, you will examine how environmental policy has been curtailed or inhibited based on nations’ preference for other issues such as energy dependability, and by political issues such as global instability, along with economic concerns over the impact of environmental policy. Impact of Environmental Policy Essay



Address the following:

Why have nations of the world focused efforts on these nonenvironmental issues?
Why do these nonenvironmental issues take precedence over the creation and enforcement of environmental policy?
Is there regional and national political opposition to the adoption of international environmental policy, due to fears of its impact on other policy areas?
Are these fears legitimate, and should they be taken into account?
What are the ethical and legal implications of these policy conflicts between environmental policy and other Impact of Environmental Policy Essay