Sick Visit: Management of Endocrine Conditions Shadow health Subjective Data Collection

Sick Visit: Management of Endocrine Conditions Shadow health Subjective Data Collection

Subjective Data Collection Summary: The subjective data collection process for managing endocrine conditions during a sick visit comprises 40 out of 43 items (93.0%). Below are key findings and relevant pro tips to enhance the interview process.

Chief Complaint:

Patient reports hair loss and fatigue.

Pro Tip: Use open-ended questions to allow patients to express their concerns in their own words.

Example Question: “What brings you in today?”


Patient is oriented to person, time, place, and situation.

Pro Tip: Assessing orientation helps evaluate cognitive function.

Example Question: “Can you tell me where you are right now?”

History of Present Illness:

Fatigue onset reported one month ago, lasting all day.

Various questions about timing, aggravating and relieving factors, and impact on daily activities.

Pro Tip: Explore details to understand the nature of the disorder.

Example Question: “When did your fatigue start?”

Past Medical History:

Patient reports hypothyroidism and osteopenia diagnoses.

In-depth inquiries about onset, symptoms, and impact on daily life.

Pro Tip: Understanding existing health conditions aids in proper assessment.

Example Question: “Do you have any existing health conditions?”

Allergies and Surgeries:

Patient denies food, medication, latex, and environmental allergies.

No history of previous surgeries reported.

Pro Tip: Collecting information on allergies and surgeries is essential for context.

Example Question: “Do you have any food allergies?”

Home Medications:

Patient reports taking a supplement.

Pro Tip: Inquire about vitamins and supplements to complete the medication profile.

Example Question: “Are you currently taking any vitamins or supplements?”

This comprehensive subjective data collection will contribute to a thorough assessment of the patient’s health status, facilitating effective management of endocrine conditions during the sick visit.

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