Social Justice Analysis Essay Assignment

Social Justice Analysis Essay Assignment

Read ALL of the uploaded documents for detailed guidance and the instructor’s rubric for this assignment. In summary, this is a PowerPoint assignment that myself and my partner will have to narrate.

Read the Bekemeier, B. & Butterfield, P. (2005) article first, then read the Critical Race Theory Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (2022) article.

Pay particular attention to the arguments made in Bekemeier & Butterfield (2005), as this article will form the basis of the opinion piece of the presentation. Social Justice Analysis Essay Assignment



Tie together your assigned concept (Critical Social Theory/Critical Race Theory) and the article (DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSIVENESS, AND BELONGING ) with Bekemeier & Butterfield’s (2005) stated concern that nursing has lost its way.
The Statement defines seven essential features of our profession (p. 9):
• Provision of a caring relationship that facilitates health and healing
• Attention to the range of human experiences and responses to health and illness within
the physical and social environments
• Integration of assessment data with knowledge gained from an appreciation of the patient
or the group Social Justice Analysis Essay Assignment
• Application of scientific knowledge to the processes of diagnosis and treatment through
the use of judgment and critical thinking
• Advancement of professional nursing knowledge through scholarly inquiry
• Influence social and public policy to promote social justice
• Assurance of safe, quality, and evidence-based practice
Some say that we as a profession are better at the individually-focused aspects of this policy than at social justice and that our past shows a commitment to social justice not currently found in our profession (Bekemeier and Butterfield, 2005). Social Justice Analysis Essay Assignment documents implicitly reinforce nursing practice directed toward the individual nurse-patient relationship an“ Despite expansive references to the historic role of nursing in social reform, [nursing’s foundational] d give short shrift to nursing models that endorse broad systems change intended to improve health” (p. 152). They argue that “Nursing’s distinguished history in relation to social justice need not end with the past” (p. 161).

Do you agree or not? How much progress has been made since these words were written in 2005? What do you see as our path moving into the next decades?

In this assignment, you and a partner will do the Module 5 readings ( I included this files 1-5), apply a concept of social justice to conduct a literature review, use the Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging 2022 article to review that speaks to that concept, and then use that concept to construct an answer to these questions.
The article has already been chosen and is included. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE ARTICLES/DOCUMENTS AND BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE ANSWERING!

Open the PowerPoint template that I uploaded. The instructor provided more guidance within the slides and as comments in the slides so make sure you are viewing the presenter’s notes to read everything.

You only have to do the article summary slides, the opinion for David slide, the rationale for David slide, the conclusion slide, and the Reference slide. We use APA 7 and please include any proper citations in the slides.

As I have mentioned, I am not paying you to just fill out the slides I would like you to write what I will read when I record myself to add narration which is the majority of this project. Make sure it is answering what the assignment asked or I will ask for revisions. Review the rubric maximum point criteria before submitting work to me. Social Justice Analysis Essay Assignment