The Effects Of Missing Nursing Care Discussion Paper

The Effects Of Missing Nursing Care Discussion Paper

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Alsubhi, Meskell, Shea, & Doody (2020) examined the effects of missing nursing care, including the intention to leave, using an integrated assessment of qualitative and quantitative research. Whittemore and Knafl’s methodological approach served as the foundation for this integrative review, which also followed the 14 phases noted by Doody (2020). A literature search, evaluation of credible primary source articles covering the period from January 1, 2006, to October 31, 2019, analysis and synthesis of qualitative and quantitative data, and presentation of the integrated findings as conclusions were the steps in the process.


This sampling plan enables the integration of a wide variety of research methodologies to offer a diversity of viewpoints and a deeper comprehension of the subject. However, the mix and complexity of utilizing multiple methodologies and strategies might result in a lack of objectivity, bias, and inaccuracy. A representative sample is one drawn from a larger group that properly reflects the characteristics of the entire population. As a researcher, I would do a literature search for source papers from January 1, 2006, until 2022 to recruit a more accurate and diverse representative sample. The Effects Of Missing Nursing Care Discussion Paper

Researchers encounter ethical problems at every level of the research process, from design to reporting. These include confidentiality, anonymity, explicit consent, and the possible influence of the researchers on the subjects. Given the nature of qualitative research, interactions between researchers and study participants can often be ethically hard for the former because they are directly involved in various stages of the study. As a result, the development of precise ethical principles in this regard appears to be critical. When functioning as qualitative researchers, it appears to be critical that health care practitioners, educators, and physicians are well versed in all elements of their work. The Effects Of Missing Nursing Care Discussion Paper


Alsubhi, H., Meskell, P., Shea, D. O., & Doody, O. (2020). Missed nursing care and nurses’ intention to leave: An integrative review. Journal of Nursing Management, 28(8), 1830–1840. The Effects Of Missing Nursing Care Discussion Paper