Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay

Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay



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Nursing and nurses are most often conceptualized as caring for the person who is sick in an in-patient facility or in a physician’s care. However, in community health, the empha­sis is on primary prevention or protective practice activities. Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay


Utilize a theorist of your choice for the framework of the Community Assessment/Project Paper.




Individuals residing in communities have many health needs which are not being met or inadequately met by available community health services. In this Community Health Problem/Aggregate At Risk paper you will identify one of the health needs/problems and the community resources which are needed to meet this need/problem. Remember, the emphasis is on prevention, not treatment. The identified health care need/problem may be selected from readings, news media articles, clinical experiences, or observations. Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay

The health need or problem must be validated for a specific geographical area, e.g., a city, county, planning district, and/or specific age group; or on some other specific parameter. Validation should come from, but is not limited to, readings/research, epidemiological evidence, interviews and surveys.

Implications for the “at risk” population should be discussed, and documented as appropriate. Consider, for example, the effects of this need/problem on morbidity, morality; is the condition preventable; would mass screening influence the outcome; whether or not there are current state/national laws that govern practices dealing with this condition. Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay

The final portion of the paper deals with a discussion of the community resources that are currently in use to deal with the need/problem. Literature should be used to document these approaches. The resources or interventions discussed do not have to be limited to those that have been found effective in a similar population group, comparable geographical area, or with the same need/problem.

Creative approaches to need/problem resolution are also to be considered. This paper should be typed following the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition guidelines. At least five references (written by American periodicals within the last five years) should be used in the preparation of this paper. There will be a total of 100 possible points which will be distributed as outlined on the following page. The page limit for the body of this paper will be 10-15 pages. Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay






Identify a health need/health problem in the community. Articulate the problem in a concise statement. (10)

Identify and summarize your theory and relate the problem to theory of your choice. (10) Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay



3. Provide validation of the problem for your specific group of population, using geographic, age and epidemiological data.



4. What is the implication of this health need/problem for the population documented? Include both physical and psychosocial data.

Discuss real or potential effects if the health need/problem is not met/ solved. (10)

Identify and Integrate Healthy People 2022 (10)

Provide rationale to support statements, utilizing information from research sources. (5) Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay



5. Managing the health need or problem.

Discuss current approaches being used to meet the need/problem – citing supportive literature. (10)

Identify community resources that are or could be involved in meeting this need. (10)

Discuss the role of the nurse. (10)

Discuss additional creative approaches that could be used to deal with the need/problem (10)



6. Mechanics

2-3 pages assignment

English usage current spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure,and paragraph construction. (point will be deducted for misspelled word) Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay

Appearance; neatly typed, APA.

Documentation; all references in APA 7h edition format. Include seven references: 5 current professional journals (withing the past 5 years)

Organization: Logical content progression, smooth transition, writer’s intent is clear in relation to objectives. Grading criteria obvious.

Grading guide attached to paper Vulnerable Populations in Healthcare Research Essay